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Saweetie Phone Number, Email, Fan Mail, Address, Biography, Agent, Manager, Publicist, Songs, Interview, Contact Details


Saweetie Phone Number, Email, Fan Mail, Address, Biography, Agent, Manager, Publicist, Songs, Interview, Contact Details





Saweetie (Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper) is an American rapper. In 2018, she release of her debut single "Icy Grl" and extended play "High Maintenance". Her singles "Tap In" and "Best Friend" (featuring Doja Cat), both of which reached the top 20 on the music industry standard record chart "Billboard Hot 100". Saweetie's first debut album "Pretty Bitch Music" is expected to be released in 2022.


She is graduate from San Diego State University. She completed Bachelor of Arts (BA) in communications from San Diego State University. After degree, Saweetie began to focus on her rap, music career. Following the success of posting short rap videos on ‘Instagram’, she released a freestyle rap album on March 16, 2018.


Biography and Personal Profile:


Birth Date: July 2, 1993

Born In: Santa Clara, California, United States

Birth Name: Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper

Nickname: Saweetie

Height: 5' 7" (1.7 m)

Education: (Graduate) University of Southern California

Family: Trinidad Valentin (mother), Johnny Harper (father)

Siblings:  Maya, Milan

Occupation: Rapper, actress


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Saweetie Contact Details  

Saweetie contact information is listed here including address, agent, manager and publicist. The people can also connect with Saweetie by social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. Maybe, you can also send or write email to Saweetie by using fan page and address.


Saweetie Phone Number

Phone: (818) 953-2600

(Record Lables)


Saweetie Fan mail Address

Record Lables

Warner Records

777 S Santa Fe Ave,

Los Angeles,

CA 90021

Phone: (818) 953-2600

Phone:  (818) 846-9090

Saweetie Top songs

Saweetie, whose real name is Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, is an American rapper and songwriter known for her chart-topping songs and strong presence in the hip-hop and rap scenes. Here are some of Saweetie's top songs:

"Icy Grl" (2017): This song, which samples Khia's "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)," helped Saweetie gain widespread recognition and became a viral hit.

"My Type" (2019): "My Type" is one of Saweetie's most successful songs, reaching the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Its catchy beat and lyrics have made it a party anthem.

"Tap In" (2020): "Tap In" is another hit for Saweetie, known for its energetic and infectious vibe.

"Best Friend" (with Doja Cat) (2021): This collaboration with Doja Cat became a hit, with a music video featuring their playful and stylish friendship.

"Fast (Motion)" (2021): "Fast (Motion)" is a song that showcases Saweetie's confident and empowering style.

"Back to the Streets" (featuring Jhené Aiko) (2020): This track explores themes of self-worth and moving on, featuring a collaboration with Jhené Aiko.

"ICY GRL (Bae Mix)" (2018): A remix of her breakout hit "Icy Grl," this version features Kehlani and adds a fresh twist to the song.

Saweetie's music is known for its fierce and unapologetic lyrics, catchy hooks, and confident delivery, making her a rising star in the rap and hip-hop genres. She continues to release new music and remains a prominent figure in the music industry.


Why is Saweetie so famous?

Saweetie, whose real name is Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, has gained fame for several reasons:

Musical Talent: Saweetie is a talented rapper and songwriter known for her clever wordplay, catchy hooks, and confident delivery. Her music often features a blend of hip-hop and R&B elements, resonating with a broad audience.

Viral Hit "Icy Grl": Saweetie's breakthrough came with her song "Icy Grl," which she released on social media platforms. The song quickly went viral, gaining millions of views and shares. Its popularity helped her establish a strong online presence and fan base.

Successful Singles: Following "Icy Grl," Saweetie released several successful singles, including "My Type" and "Tap In," which charted well and received extensive radio play.

Fashion and Style: Saweetie is known for her fashion-forward style and glamorous image. Her striking looks and fashion choices have garnered attention in the fashion and entertainment industries.

Confident Persona: Saweetie's lyrics often convey a sense of confidence, independence, and empowerment. She has become a voice for self-assured women and has inspired many with her messages of self-worth.

Collaborations: Saweetie has collaborated with other notable artists in the music industry, such as Doja Cat, Jhené Aiko, and Kehlani, which has expanded her reach and visibility.

Social Media Presence: Saweetie is active on social media platforms, where she engages with her fans, shares her music, and showcases her lifestyle, contributing to her overall fame.

Versatility: Saweetie has demonstrated versatility in her music, experimenting with various styles and genres, making her appealing to a broad audience.

Saweetie's combination of musical talent, viral success, fashion sense, and confident persona has contributed to her fame in the music industry and beyond. She continues to release new music and make waves in the entertainment world.



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