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Celebrity Insurance Policies, Celebs most shocking insurance policy, Celebrities Insurance


Celebrity Insurance Policies, Celebs most shocking insurance policy, Celebrities Insurance




A common man gets his life, shop, house or vehicle insured or makes every possible effort to get it insured. But some of our superstars feel that this is not enough, i.e. these things are common, and we have to do something different so that people can remember us.


Some celebrities of the film industry feel that since he is rich, he should not only flaunt it but also insure it. Some celebrities take extreme care of their feet, smile, eyes, face and hair. And some feel that private parts should be insured! They do everything possible to protect their penis or breasts.


Here are some of the weirdest insurance policies that these famous people have taken insurance from.


Celebs most shocking insurance policy



(Mariah Carey)


Mariah Carey is known for many hit songs. In 2006, she was awarded Gillette's first Legs of a Goddess Gong, after which Mariah Carey realized the importance of her legs, how precious her legs are.

She insured both his legs for $90k.

Celebrities Insurance




(David Lee Roth)


Rock star David Lee Roth purchased one of the most shocking insurance policies. By insuring his sperms in the 1980s, David demonstrated that he is truly ahead of his time. According to a Daily Mail report, Roth had sperm insurance worth $1 million. When an unanticipated pregnancy occurred, the insurance coverage was supposed to pay out. In fact, he believed that purchasing sperm insurance would be advantageous for him. According to a source in The Independent, the insurance was intended to defend against a possible paternity lawsuit should he unintentionally become pregnant with a groupie.



(Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue)


If you have a sexy and hot butt, there's no reason not to insure it. American singer Jennifer Lopez and Australian singer Kylie Minogue, two stunning women, also concurred. Kylie insured her buttocks for a modest 5 million dollars.


Jennifer Lopez, who is famed for her gorgeous butt, who insured her well-known rear end for 27 million dollars. While Jennifer stunned her admirers by genuinely insuring her derriere for such an absurd sum, While Kylie was daring enough to bare her butt for a spoof commercial.



(Frankie Jackman)


If one rock star can insure his sperm, it is not difficult for another star to insure his penis. British stripper Frankie Jackman did something similar.


In 1987, British stripper Frankie Jackman caused quite a stir by getting her penis insured. A newspaper report claimed that he had insured his penis for £1.2 million. While we don't get why Frankie got his penis insured, we think it's really interesting.

Celebrity Insurance


Chest Hair:

(Tom Jones)

Welsh singer Tom Jones, winner of the "Best Male Singer" – UK award, and known for a number of hit songs, apparently takes a lot of pride in his chest hair. Welsh singer Tom Jones reportedly insured his chest hair for $7 million.


He had already mesmerized women with his sonorous voice and his hairy and manly chest. Fearing that even a single accident could damage his chest hair, the singer got his luxuriant chest hair insured. Sounds weird, doesn't it? He is probably the only singer who has insured his chest hair more than his voice.

Celebrities Insurance




Some stars got their Sperms insured, some got their Penis insured, some got their Buttocks insured, and some celebrity got their Chest hair insured.


American famous singer Madonna got her breasts insured for $2 million. Her decision to get her breasts insured left her fans in shock. She has not got any silicon implants, which led to her decision to insure her breasts. Her decision has inspired other Hollywood beauties to follow in her footsteps. After that some beauties of Hollywood have got their breasts insured.

Most Shocking Celebrity Insurance Policies


Middle finger:

(Keith Richard)


English musician and songwriter Keith Richard, best known as co-founder of rock band Rolling Stones, he insured his middle finger for $1.6 million. He shocked the world when he insured his middle finger.


He realized that, his value as a guitarist and the most valuable possession a guitarist has is the middle finger.

Most Shocking Celebrity Insurance Policies






Barbadian singer Rihanna is the second winner of the Legs of a Goddess Hall of Fame. She has won the Grammy Award nine times and the American Music Award 13 times. Following in the footsteps of Mariah Carey, Barbadian singer Rihanna has had her legs insured for £1m.

Celebrity Insurance


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