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Top 20 current MLB players (2023) | Best MLB players 2023


Top 20 current MLB players (2023) | Best MLB players 2023





Here are some more of the top 20 current MLB players, in no particular order, based on their recent performances, statistical records, and overall impact on their respective teams:


1. Mike Trout- Outfielder, Los Angeles Angels

2. Mookie Betts- Outfielder, Los Angeles Dodgers

3. Jacob deGrom- Pitcher, New York Mets

4. Ronald Acuna Jr.- Outfielder, Atlanta Braves

5. Gerrit Cole, Pitcher- New York Yankees

6. Juan Soto, Outfielder- Washington Nationals

7. Fernando Tatis Jr.- Shortstop, San Diego Padres

8. Shane Bieber- Pitcher, Cleveland Indians

9. Cody Bellinger- Outfielder, Los Angeles Dodgers

10. Jose Ramirez- Third Baseman, Cleveland Indians

11. Max Scherzer- Pitcher, Los Angeles Dodgers

12. Freddie Freeman- First Baseman, Atlanta Braves

13. Aaron Judge- Outfielder, New York Yankees

14. Xander Bogaerts- Shortstop, Boston Red Sox

15. Manny Machado- Third Baseman, San Diego Padres

16. Bryce Harper- Outfielder, Philadelphia Phillies

17. Francisco Lindor- Shortstop, New York Mets

18. Nolan Arenado- Third Baseman, St. Louis Cardinals

19. Yu Darvish- Pitcher, San Diego Padres

20. Anthony Rendon- Third Baseman, Los Angeles Angels



Best MLB players 2023



 Here are some players who have the potential to be among the best based on their recent performances, skill sets, and potential for future growth:


Vladimir Guerrero Jr.- First Baseman, Toronto Blue Jays

Fernando Tatis Jr.- Shortstop, San Diego Padres

Juan Soto- Outfielder, Washington Nationals

Ronald Acuna Jr.- Outfielder, Atlanta Braves

Shohei Ohtani- Pitcher/Designated Hitter, Los Angeles Angels

Wander Franco- Shortstop, Tampa Bay Rays

Bo Bichette- Shortstop, Toronto Blue Jays

Luis Robert- Outfielder, Chicago White Sox

Adley Rutschman- Catcher, Baltimore Orioles

Gavin Lux- Second Baseman, Los Angeles Dodgers


It's impossible to predict the future, and many variables can affect a player's performance, but these players are among the most promising and have the potential to become the best players in the league in the coming years.


Top 20 baseball players of all time


Here are some of the top 20 baseball players of all time, based on their impact on the game, statistical records, and overall legacy:


Babe Ruth

Willie Mays

Hank Aaron

Ted Williams

Lou Gehrig

Mickey Mantle

Stan Musial

Ty Cobb

Jackie Robinson

Roberto Clemente

Sandy Koufax

Cy Young

Roger Clemens

Barry Bonds

Alex Rodriguez

Derek Jeter

Greg Maddux

Nolan Ryan

Tom Seaver

Pete Rose


There are certainly many other players who could be included on this list, but these players are widely regarded as some of the best to ever play the game.


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