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Bebeto Phone Number, Email, Fan Mail, Address, Biography, Agent, Age, Wife, Contact Details


Bebeto Phone Number, Email, Fan Mail, Address, Biography, Agent, Age, Wife, Contact Details





José Roberto Gama de Oliveira, known as Bebeto, is a Brazilian former professional football player who played as a forward. He entered politics in the 2010 Brazilian General Elections and was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro representing the Democratic Labour Party.


Bebeto is Brazilian footballer who achieved fame as a forward during the 1980s and 1990s. Born on February 16, 1964, in Salvador, Brazil, Bebeto was known for his exceptional goal-scoring ability, technical skill, and intelligent positioning on the field.


Bebeto had a successful club career playing for various teams, including Flamengo, Vasco da Gama, Deportivo La Coruña, and Botafogo. He won numerous domestic titles in Brazil and Spain and was particularly influential during his time at Deportivo La Coruña in the Spanish La Liga.


He represented Brazil in three FIFA World Cup tournaments: 1990, 1994, and 1998. He played a crucial role in Brazil's 1994 World Cup victory, scoring three goals during the tournament, including important strikes in the knockout stages. One of his most iconic moments came during the quarter-final match against the Netherlands, where he celebrated a goal by cradling an imaginary baby, a tribute to his newborn son. This celebration became famous worldwide.



Full name: José Roberto Gama de Oliveira

Born: 16 February 1964 (age 58 years)

Place: Salvador, State of Bahia, Brazil

Height: 1.77 m

Spouse: Denise de Oliveira

Position: Forward

Children: Mattheus Oliveira, Stéphannie Oliveira, Junior Oliveira

Political party: PODE (2017–present)


Bebeto Contact Details  

Bebeto contact information is listed here including address, agent, manager and publicist. The people can also connect with Bebeto by social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. Maybe, you can also send or write email to Bebeto by using fan page and address.


Bebeto Phone Number

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Bebeto Fan mail address:


Assembleia Legislativa do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

Rua Dom Manuel, s/n°

Gabinete Número 509


Rio De Janeiro, RJ 20010-090



Bebeto Address information:

Assembleia Legislativa do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

(Legislative Assembly)

Rua Dom Manuel, s/n°

Gabinete Número 509


Rio De Janeiro, RJ 20010-090





Bebeto Social media Profile:



Bebeto wife

Bebeto's wife is named Denise de Oliveira. They have been married for many years and have a family together. However, beyond this basic information, details about their personal life, such as their relationship dynamics or private matters, are not widely publicized. It's common for public figures like Bebeto to maintain privacy regarding their families.


Bebeto daughter

Bebeto's daughter, who gained widespread attention during the 1994 FIFA World Cup, is named Stephannie Oliveira. She was born on January 8, 1994, and became famous for being the "baby" that Bebeto celebrated by cradling his arms in a rocking motion after scoring a goal during Brazil's quarter-final match against the Netherlands. This iconic celebration captured the hearts of football fans worldwide and remains one of the most memorable moments in World Cup history. Stephannie Oliveira has grown up away from the public eye and has chosen to live a relatively private life despite her father's fame.


How can I meet to Bebeto?


Meeting a famous personality like Bebeto can be a bit challenging, but it's not impossible. Here are a few steps you could consider:


Attend Events: Keep an eye out for events where Bebeto might make appearances, such as football matches, sports conferences, charity events, or fan conventions. These events provide opportunities for fans to meet their favorite personalities.


Follow Social Media: Follow Bebeto's official social media accounts. Sometimes, celebrities announce public appearances or events on their social media platforms. You can stay updated on his schedule and whereabouts through these channels.


Join Fan Clubs or Communities: Join online fan clubs, forums, or communities dedicated to Bebeto or football in general. Sometimes, fans share information about meet-and-greet opportunities or organize fan events where you might have the chance to meet him.


Reach out to Representatives: You could try reaching out to Bebeto's representatives or management team through official channels. They might be able to provide information about any upcoming events or opportunities to meet him.


Participate in Contests or Promotions: Keep an eye out for contests, promotions, or giveaways organized by brands or sponsors associated with Bebeto. Sometimes, these promotions offer opportunities to meet him as part of the prize.


Be Respectful and Patient: If you do get the chance to meet Bebeto, remember to be respectful and considerate. Understand that he may have limited time and may not be able to fulfill every fan request. Be patient and gracious if you do get the chance to meet him.


Remember that meeting a celebrity like Bebeto often requires a bit of luck and persistence. Keep trying, and you might just get the opportunity to meet him someday.


Simple Ways to Get Bebeto's Phone Number


Unfortunately, it's not appropriate or ethical to try to obtain someone's personal phone number without their consent, especially a public figure like Bebeto. Here are some reasons why:


Privacy: Like everyone else, celebrities value their privacy. Sharing personal contact information without their consent is an invasion of their privacy.


Boundaries: Celebrities, including Bebeto, have boundaries when it comes to interacting with fans. They may choose to keep their personal contact information private to maintain these boundaries.


Respect: It's important to respect Bebeto's boundaries and privacy. Trying to obtain his phone number without his consent shows a lack of respect for him as a person.


Instead of trying to get Bebeto's phone number, consider other ways to connect with him, such as attending public events where he might be present, following his official social media accounts, or reaching out to his representatives through appropriate channels. Remember to always be respectful and considerate of his privacy and boundaries.

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