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Mario Balotelli Phone Number, Fan Mail, Email, Address, Biography, Interview, Stats, Number, Position, Contact Details


Mario Balotelli Phone Number, Fan Mail, Email, Address, Biography, Interview, Stats, Number, Position, Contact Details






Mario Balotelli Barwuah is an Italian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Süper Lig club Adana Demirspor. Balotelli started his professional football career in 2005 at Lumezzane, before joining Inter Milan in 2007. He won the treble in 2010.


Balotelli's career has seen him play for various clubs in Italy, England, and France. He started his professional career with Inter Milan, where he won multiple Serie A titles and the UEFA Champions League. Balotelli then moved to Manchester City in the English Premier League, where he continued to showcase his talent but also gained attention for his off-field antics.


During his time at Manchester City, Balotelli became known for his unpredictable behavior, both on and off the pitch. Despite this, he played a crucial role in Manchester City's success, helping the team win the Premier League title in the 2011-2012 season.


After leaving Manchester City, Balotelli had stints with AC Milan, Liverpool, and Nice before returning to Italy to play for teams like Brescia and Monza. Throughout his career, he has been known for his skill as a striker, his powerful shots, and his ability to score spectacular goals.


Balotelli has also represented the Italian national team, earning over 30 caps and scoring goals in major tournaments such as the UEFA European Championship.


Off the field, Balotelli has often found himself in the headlines for various incidents, including clashes with managers, disciplinary issues, and controversial social media posts. Despite the controversies, he remains a talented and enigmatic figure in the world of football.


Mario Balotelli

Full name: Mario Balotelli Barwuah

Birth name: Mario Barwuah

Date of birth: 12 August 1990 (age 31)

Place of birth: Palermo, Italy

Height: 1.90 m (6 ft 3 in)

Position: Striker

Parents: Thomas Barwuah, Rose Barwuah

Siblings: Enock Barwuah, Abigail Barwuah, Angel Barwuah

Children: Pia Balotelli, Lion Balotelli

Salary: 37 lakhs EUR (2016)


Mario Balotelli Contact Details  

Mario Balotelli contact information is listed here including address, agent, manager and publicist. The people can also connect with Mario Balotelli by social profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. Maybe, you can also send or write email to Mario Balotelli by using fan page and address.


Mario Balotelli Phone Number

Phone: +377 97778641

(Sports Management Company)


Mario Balotelli Fan mail address:

Mario Balotelli

Sportman et Sportxtra

38, Blvd des Moulins

Immeuble Ambassador

1er Etage Inferieur




Mario Balotelli Address information:

Sportman et Sportxtra

(Sports Management Company)

38, Blvd des Moulins

Immeuble Ambassador

1er Etage Inferieur



Phone: +377 97778641

Fax: +377 97778644


Mario Balotelli Social media Profile:


Mario Balotelli stats


Here are some career statistics for Mario Balotelli across various clubs and the Italian national team:


Club Career:

Internazionale (2007–2010):

Appearances: 86

Goals: 28


Manchester City (2010–2013):

Appearances: 80

Goals: 30


AC Milan (2013–2014):

Appearances: 43

Goals: 26


Liverpool (2014–2016):

Appearances: 28

Goals: 4


Nice (2016–2019):

Appearances: 76

Goals: 43


Marseille (2019–2020):

Appearances: 15

Goals: 4


Brescia (2019–2020):

Appearances: 19

Goals: 5


Monza (2020–2021):

Appearances: 9

Goals: 4


Adana Demirspor (2021–present):

Appearances: 0

Goals: 0


International Career (Italy):

Appearances: 36

Goals: 14


Mario Balotelli Wife


Mario Balotelli is not married. Balotelli has had various high-profile relationships in the past, but he has not publicly disclosed any information about being married.


In July 2012, Balotelli's former girlfriend Raffaella Fico revealed she was pregnant with his child, while Balotelli responded by claiming he would only assume paternal responsibilities upon a positive paternity test. Fico's daughter Pia was born on 5 December 2012. Later in December 2012, Fico accused Balotelli of being "irresponsible" and "not interested" in her newborn daughter. In response, Balotelli threatened to take legal action against Fico to defend his reputation against what he considered false accusations. In February 2014, Balotelli finally acknowledged paternity of his daughter Pia following a positive DNA test.


Balotelli was romantically involved with Fanny Neguesha in 2013 and 2014, becoming engaged at some point. On 28 September 2017, Balotelli fathered a second child, a son named Lion, born to an unidentified woman.


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